3 thoughts on “Cybercrime, Individuals and Small Firms”

  1. The article highlights the importance of cyber security training for individuals and small businesses in today’s digital world. I strongly agree with you that cybercrime is on the rise, and it’s crucial for everyone to stay informed about the latest threats and develop the necessary skills to counter them. Cyber attacks can have devastating consequences, leading to significant financial loss, reputational damage, and legal consequences. Therefore, investing in cyber security training is not only essential for safeguarding personal and business assets but also for complying with regulations and building a security-conscious culture. Overall, this article provides valuable insights into the importance of cyber security training and its benefits for individuals and small businesses.

  2. Michel Maling

    Even as technology gets more advanced and more difficult to hack so the criminals have also become more brazen and clever. It is so important to be vigilant at all times as they can strike in many convincing forms.
    What are the best measures to take against cyber crime and can you suggest the best companies to use when it comes to training your staff how to avoid cyber crime scams?

  3. I enjoyed reading this article. It provides useful views and tips on how to improve cyber security for small and medium-sized enterprises. I agree with the importance of creating a cyber security culture and training employees to be more aware of cyber threats. And this includes those small enterprises of one employee!

    I think it is a frequent situation that small businesses think they are not the target of cyber attacks. However, this is a misconception that can make them more vulnerable to cyber threats. Do you know what percentage of cyber attacks target small businesses?

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