4 thoughts on “Pen Test?  Why Do I Have to Have My Pens Tested?”

  1. constanza ortiz

    Great read! I never knew what pen testing was before, but your analogy to a medical check-up really helped me understand. It’s scary to think about all the potential cyber threats out there, but it’s good to know there are proactive measures we can take. Thanks for sharing this info in such an easy-to-understand way. I’ll definitely think more about my own digital security now.

    1. Hi Constanza thank you for your comment, we are just trying to spread awareness that there are cyber criminals out there but there are also ethical hackers who are fighting the good fight.

  2. Wow, what an eye-opening read! Pen testing sounds like a vital step in staying ahead of cyber threats. Have you ever experienced a cyber attack or security breach that could have been prevented with a pen test? If so, how did it impact your organization, and what steps did you take to enhance your cybersecurity measures afterward?

  3. I enjoyed your take here on pen testing! I have always seen the value in proactive measures like these although I will admit this is a new one to me. I find it interesting how small businesses can start incorporating pen tests into their security protocols without breaking the bank.

    Great site and bookmarked. Thank you

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